March 9, 2020

Maxine & Larry Garber

"It has been almost 7 years since Bruce designed and built our spool( smaller than a pool, larger than a spa). He brought our dream to fruition. We have had carefree and problem free enjoyment all these years. This week I inappropriately touched buttons on the heater and feared the worst. One phone call to Bruce and he came here and changed my wrong to right. We could not believe that 7 years later, he came, resolved the problem and refused any payment for his services. Bruce builds the best and is the best! A true gentleman! Maxine & Larry Garber"
July 22, 2019

Andrew Sloan

"Five stars aren't sufficient for Bruce Kingsbury and Design Pools. As far as the construction of our pool, every element of the work was done with the utmost in professionalism and timeliness. Without going into the details of an issue that involved our home's builder, the county, our HOA, and lawyers, Bruce went from being just our pool engineer and contractor to being our advocate. In a number of cases, he worked on our behalf to better understand the issue with our property and with the county building department. When everything was finally resolved after a very long delay, Bruce stepped right back in and recommenced our pool work. Ours wasn't the biggest project, but he treated it like it was. The design and engineering were impeccable, and our pool has become what we'd envisioned. It's impossible to overstate how seamlessly everything was done. People showed up, did the work on time, and then the next step happened. Aside from us making decisions on tiles or pavers, it was automatic. I can't imagine anyone else having the dedication, patience, and know-how to help us the way Bruce did. He was far more than our designer and contractor."
March 26, 2018

Brendan J.

"We are super happy with our pool design and installation. Bruce managed all aspects of the pool and deck construction. He also went above and beyond to make sure our suggested additions were accommodated. His work crews were courteous and conscientious. We wouldn't hesitate to use Design Pools in the future."
February 23, 2018

Thomas tj

"Our experience with Design Pools was exceptional. This was not the first time we had a pool built. Our last experience was fair at best so we were weary and battle tested on the second go around 10 years later. We interviewed many pool companies and really put them through the ringer with a barrage of questions and expectations of how the project should go. Nothing unreasonable, but we expected every detail to be attended to and for the job to be complete in about 8 - 9 weeks. That alone eliminated a ton of the sketchy companies out there that were either unwilling or unable to fulfill a job well done, which left us with a few quality names in the industry. Design Pools and Bruce Kingsbury the owner came highly recommended not just by customers, but from people in the pool industry which really impressed us. We researched the heck out of Bruce and his company checking with subs in the industry, the BBB, online review sites and we could not find one bad thing about him or his company. Bruce communicates well and is always timely when responding. He has a real artistic flavor to his design work when creating his vision of a pool. He works on mostly very high end pools in multi-million dollar communities which we are not, but he chose to work with us on a smaller project. His pricing was very competitive with most pool companies and was substantially less than the top names like Hackl and Almar Jackson. Everything went according to plan both in terms of time of project and quality. Bruce was on the job inspecting his subs work all the time. You can see he expects perfection and he only works with the best guys. The project turned out beautifully and we are thrilled with the finished product. Sincere thanks to Bruce and Design Pools for bringing our ideas to reality. Highly Recommended from Jupiter Farms, FL."
January 23, 2018

CD Griglen

"If you're looking for a hole in your ground with substandard workmanship to match, then this is not your pool company. In fact Design Pools Inc., is not your fly by night pool company, they are exactly what their name implies. Designers of pools.....Bruce is such a fabulous, creative and smart pool designer who actually listens & hears what the client dreams for in their backyard. There's so much more involved in building a pool and he takes the time to educate you whether you choose him or someone else. From planning to permits he was there "ON THE JOB" ensuring everything goes as planned. Even if there were little hiccups (ref. weather) he continued to move forward always updating you on the process. Our pool and entertainment areas could not have been any more gorgeous. If you're serious about your pool, want true and honest professionalism then Bruce and Design Pools, Inc., are a no brainer. At the end of the day you get what you pay for and we're glad to pay for this one. Thank you Bruce!!!!!"