Swimming Pool Add-Ons and Features: Six Creative Pool Ideas in West Palm Beach, FL

Whether you already have a swimming pool or are thinking about installing one, there are pool add-ons and features that may interest you if you want a standout, personalized swimming area. Here are some creative pool ideas in West Palm Beach, FL to consider adding on to your pool this summer:

  • Rock slides: Raise the bar this pool party season with a custom built waterslide addition to your personal swimming pool. But don’t install just any slide—make it a rockslide! From real to man-made rock formations, choose a slide shaped into the rock or go with a durable fiberglass or plastic material and surround it with rock. When made of the right quality materials, these types of slides are strong, resistant to rust and will not fade in the sun.
  • Fountains: There are benefits to having fountains in your pool. First, when the fountain is on, it circulates the water so needed chemicals can move around to every inch of your pool. Daily circulation also works to clean the water by pushing debris toward filters, and there is less of a chance that algae will form. Moreover, fountains are great for noisy areas, as the sound of water can cancel out noise—and the larger the fountain, the greater the effect.
  • Waterfalls: Additional water features, like waterfalls, can turn your backyard swimming pool into a personal oasis by transforming a dull space into something beautiful and unique. And like fountains, waterfalls can block out noise, offering you a more relaxing and enjoyable pool experience. Since a waterfall circulates a higher volume of water than a fountain, its ability to drown out loud sounds exceeds that of a single fountain.
  • Caves: Looking for a way to enhance your pool privacy? How about a rock cave behind that working waterfall? A perfect partner to a pool waterfall, a swimming pool cave provides a special hiding spot where you can sit in peace with your thoughts or a glass of wine. To get even more out of your cave, consider putting other features, like lights or speakers for music, directly into the walls.
  • Swim-up bars: Save deck or patio space—and stay as cool as possible in the water—by building your bar right into your in-ground pool. Between seating submerged in the water and sipping on a drink without having to get out, a swim-up pool bar add-on is a fantastic conversation starter for small to large social events.
  • Lighting: Whether it’s inside or outside of your pool, the lighting you choose is likely to set the mood. Decide on in-pool lighting options like LED or fiber optic lights, dimmable or set brightness or even multicolor lights. Whether in the pool or incorporated into nearby landscaping, light features can add a little something to the atmosphere of your swimming pool while also serving a practical purpose.

Do you have some pool ideas in West Palm Beach, FL for your backyard swimming pool? To discuss your special pool feature ideas or to brainstorm a new project with the pros, give the team at Design Pools Inc a call today.

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